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Why get a Warm Bamboo Massage?

Why Bamboo?

  • No allergic reaction: Many people are allergic to natural fibers, such as wool. Bamboo has had the smallest number of allergic reactions with people, barely having any.

  • Anti-bacterial: Bamboo is aggressively anti-bacterial. It has a natural property called bamboo kun that kills up to 70% of any bacteria attempting to incubate on the bamboo.

  • Circulation: Enhanced circulation will remove stagnant toxins and move blood throughout the body, heart and lungs, improving internal respiration. Oxygenated blood will return nutrition and healing aid to the cells and tissues of the affected areas


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For centuries, bamboo has been a vital part of everyday life throughout South East Asia. Each tool is designed to work on various parts of the body and maximize leverage and gravity with sliding, kneading, rolling, pivoting, levering, tapping and friction techniques. Because the tools cover such a broad area at one time they afford some of the most effective and enjoyable work imaginable on trouble areas such as neck, shoulders, back and legs. Before being applied to the body the Bamboo tools are warmed. The application of the warm bamboo melts away the tension of the client while at the same time creating a deeply relaxing and soothing experience.


Bamboo is essential and unique because its walls are covered with silica. This creates an outer cover of tiny quartz-like crystal matrixes that are activated when they encounter the right conditions of mechanical stress. As we work, we apply pressure to the body with the bamboo stick and the friction that is created will activate the molecular structure in the silica. We have a powerful tool that is charged and will create dramatic and permanent changes.


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