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About the Practitioner


Mrs. Techer T.Mcgibbon  is a Licensed  Massage Therapist has held a massage license in New Orleans, LA and currently holds a Massage License for the state of Florida. She is a graduate Blue Cliff College. BCC is known for its intensive massage therapy program with comprehensive training in various techniques, self-care education, anatomy, clinicals, and community outreach.

She was also blessed to  acquire a contract with the NAS Joint Reserve Base in Belle Chasse, Louisiana.

Due to the magnitude of disabled veterans in this country, Mrs. Mcgibbon has taken a special interest in the wellness of soldiers and there families.

     Mrs. Mcgibbon  has had an interest in massage from the time she  was very young. She has a remarkable ability to relate to people and a strong desire to heal and relieve pain through her work. She has worked for many Spas in New Orleans and Jacksonville, Fl , and in some cases she felt that the clients needs were being ignored.  She wanted to help create an environtment were her clients preferences were always acknowledged and excepted. This is why she created The Essence Of Sensations, LLC. 

She also found performing bodywork an energizing outlet for herself and her clients. Her philosophy is that even the most severe conditions can be turned around through the mind, body, and soul connection.

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